Creative Learning Center

Passages’ Creative Learning Center, located at 333 North Oak Street in Columbia City, exists to offer a wide variety of programs designed to support adults and youth with intellectual disabilities as they strive to achieve social and economic freedom in their community.

Creative Learning Program

Agency based activities to teach and promote skill development are offered each weekday at the Creative Learning Center.  Participants learn skills that will enhance their daily living experiences as they minimize unhealthy behaviors and learn to relate and communicate with others.  Academic programming offers opportunities to expand functional reading, writing, and mathematics skills.  Emphasis on healthy lifestyles encourages exercise and healthy eating through menu planning and food preparation. Opportunities to improve basic computer skills are offered, as well.  Classes in hobbies and recreation offer choices for leisure activities.  Individuals also find opportunities for creative expression through a variety of art mediums.

Community Activities

The Community Activities program supports individuals who want to participate in local community events and activities.  The program is designed to offer volunteer opportunities and to enhance community connections.  Respite Services are also available through the Community program for families needing a break from care giving.  Staff members are matched with clients and families to help meet their individual needs.


Job Coaching and Employment Advocacy services are provided to assist individuals with maintaining their employment and advancing in their careers.  Individuals learn the skills they need to keep and progress in their jobs at local businesses.

Community Residential Program

This program supports individuals who live in their own home or with housemates.  Skills training includes learning household management skills such as money management; cooking; housekeeping; shopping; and home safety.  Supervision is customized to meet the needs of the individual and ranges from a few hours a month to 24/7 assistance.

Youth Programs

Middle and high school students with intellectual disabilities have special opportunities each summer to learn appropriate social skills, while reinforcing learning from classroom experiences during the school year.  Students learn to work cooperatively as a team while enjoying field trips and creative arts expression including dance and other fine arts options.  They also have opportunities to explore career opportunities while learning networking and employment skills.

Touring the Creative Learning Center

If you would like to see first-hand what Passages has to offer, please contact Pam Hoyt at 260.244.9327 or or Taylor Hartsock 260-244-9339 or to arrange a tour.

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