25-year Passages, Inc. employee promoted to CFO

For longtime Columbia City resident Tenel Hawn, working at Passages, Inc. has always been about the people. And, after 25 years of service, she has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer for the organization.

“We are very happy to see Tenel transition into the CFO role because she has earned it,” Jason Meyer, President and CEO, said. “She is hard-working, talented, and well-respected amongst her colleagues. She is committed to the people of Passages.”

Tenel began her career with Passages in 1995 as an administrative assistant in the former Line St. office building. She was quickly moved to the accounting department in accounts payable, then accounts receivable, to Controller, and now CFO.

“What has kept me at Passages for 25 years is knowing who I truly work for. No matter the position I have held or what my day has been like, I have come to work knowing that the men and women Passages serves are why we are here,” Hawn said. “I am excited about this new opportunity to serve as CFO for Passages and look forward to playing a part in fulfilling our mission of passionately leading by doing my part in ensuring the financial stability of the organization so we can continue to adequately assist individuals with disabilities.”

Hawn will oversee Accounting, Maintenance, Human Resources, IT, Janitorial, and Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation (WCNC). She also joins the Passages executive team.