General Services

“My son has been a member of Passage’s Supported Living program since 1990. He goes to Passages to get help with his finances and any other questions he might have. A Passages advocate visits him at his apartment once a week. Passages was heaven sent. It truly was. I saw what my mother went through with my brother, who is mentally challenged. I feel like my brother could have benefited from a program like Passages, but none were available at the time. What I especially love about Passages is that my son is an integral part of the community. Passages is what a place should be. Passages makes life livable and enjoyable.”

Jan McNellis

“My daughter has cerebral palsy. She has difficulty walking, she can’t feed herself, and she can’t really talk because she’s had two strokes. But she understands what everyone says. The Passages day program has done a wonderful job with her. She’s been going there since she graduated from Central Noble in 1997. The staff has worked with her on trying to help her feed herself, and they help her to draw pictures and make crafts. We think the world of Passages, and she loves it.”

Ann Windle

Community Living

“My son has autism. A Passages group home is a great thing for him and it’s a great thing for the rest of the family as well. Our son has the opportunity to learn and grow. That has freed us up to focus on our other two boys a little bit more.”

Bil Easley

“My daughter has intellectual disabilities. She’s been assisted by Passages for approximately 20 years and she’s really come a long way. She’s made far more progress than I expected, and now she lives in a supported living home. We’ve been to the bottom and now we’re getting to the top. She’s now much more outgoing and happy. It’s been a godsend for us.”

Jane Elsner

“Our son has autism, bipolar disorder, and developmental disabilities. The gradual improvement in the quality of our son’s life has been immense since we switched to Passages from another program. He is now living in a supported living home and his life is just so much better. Our son has had several hospitalizations since joining Passages, and Passages staff went way above the call of duty when it came to supporting him through those difficult times.”

Jan and Larry Boutelle

“Our daughter has cerebral palsy and is living in a Medicaid waiver home through Passages. She is now where we really feel comfortable about her living situation. She feels at home and for the first time calls it that. The Passages organization is, from the top down, unparalleled. It is quite rare to have such a great and caring group of people assembled in one organization. We can’t say enough positive things about our entire experience with Passages and the people who administer it.”

Lee and Vivian Householder

Employment Services for Employers

“Everybody needs a place to fit in, and we like to believe that Terry found his place as a member of the Community Foundation’s staff. For the past four years he has been a sensational yard mower, paper shredder, refrigerator stocker and Christmas tree decorator. We’re blessed to have him with us. Our appreciation extends to Mary Batty, a Passages staffperson who professionally oversees Terry’s responsibilities while he is at work. It’s been a great collaboration and we look forward to being a Passages partner for years to come.”

September McConnell, Whitley County Community Foundation

“Passages has provided The Post & Mail with excellent Carriers to deliver our product in the Columbia City area. I really enjoy working with the staff at Passages and would recommend others in our community also utilize the Employment Services Program. Thank you.”

The Post & Mail