Passages Getting Creative with Creative Abundance

At Passages, we continue to grow and develop more each year.  Along with our growth as an agency, our programs must also expand and evolve in order to continue serving our individuals with disabilities and create meaningful community connections.  We are excited to announce the addition of Creative Abundance at the Creative Learning Center effective May 15th, 2017!!

What is Creative Abundance?

The mission of Creative Abundance is to enhance the social, emotional, and physical well-being of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other perceived differences.  Creative Abundance Consulting has developed authentic and supportive programming that respects individual interests and creates environments for staff and administrators to be inventive and responsive.  People are celebrated for who they are and receive services that anticipate limitless potential in discovering and expanding individual talents, interests, employment options, and community involvement.

Goals for the Creative Abundance model include:

  • Community integration through enhanced partnerships
  • Community partnerships through classes, workspaces, and exploration at the CLC and within community sites
  • Increased exploration of creative arts
  • Inclusion of all people regardless of ability
  • Increased employment of individuals served by Passages in the community
  • Increased volunteer opportunities in the community


What other individuals and/or groups may benefit from Creative Abundance?

The Creative Abundance model is built on community partnerships and encourages individuals served and staff of Passages working collaboratively with community members.  The model challenges staff to create partnerships with local businesses, social groups, service groups, city and county government, artists, woodworkers, builders and to think differently about programs and services offered.  The Creative Abundance model also challenges community members to think differently about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to create life changing partnerships.

How can I get involved?

Glad you asked!  As a community member and friend of Passages, there are several ways you can be a part of the Creative Abundance Program:

  • Donations: You are always welcome to donate supplies and materials to our program. As the program grows, so will our need for materials from our local community.  A donations list is attached.
  • Volunteer- Do you have a skill you would like to teach others? Are you an artist, woodworker, builder, have a creative mind, a generous heart, are happy to work with others, enjoy watching others grow and learn new skills? Maybe you have extra time on your hands and want to give back to your community.  Passages welcomes volunteers who want to get involved in Creative Abundance.
  • Collaboration- The Creative Abundance model encourages local businesses to partner with Passages on projects and events. Maybe your business has space to display some of our work.  Maybe your business is in need of creative flare and would like to commission our program on a specific project.  We are open to your ideas and encourage you to connect with Passages.
  • Classes- The Creative Abundance model supports the idea of our individuals becoming more involved with our community members- you! Any community classes offered would benefit our program and the Creative Learning Center will also offer art classes open to the public.


In Summary

Passages is adopting the Creative Abundance model at the Creative Learning Center.  The program encourages creative exploration of the arts for all individuals regardless of art abilities.  It allows for new employment opportunities and collaboration with the community.  The program also encourages you, our community members, to become more involved and share your talents and time with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

silly staff working hard neat pieces