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Annual Report 2020

A Day-in-the-Life of a DSP

Passages Community Partner Awards

Passages Program Summary Report

Passages Financial Reports

Passages Revenue Fiscal Year 2020

Service Fees     89.38%
Agency Generated     7.57%
Other     3.04%

Passages Expenses Fiscal Year 2020

Supported Independent Living     44.62%
Group Home     34.99%
Creative Learning Center     16.94%
Janitorial     3.45%

Thank you to all of our donors

Change-makers $2,500+
(our TOP donors!)

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Emerick
Mr. Jay Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Schoon

Meaningful-givers $1,000+

Dr. Giana Casini
Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Neill
Mrs. Brenda Robison
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Schrader

Promise keepers $400+

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bartrom
Ms. Amy Biggs
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Elsner
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rush
Saint Paul of the Cross Church
Mrs. Linda Tannas

Opportunity creators $200+

Mr. David Bilger
C & H Concrete Construction
Mr. James Childers
Mr. & Mrs. Darrin Daniel
Mrs. Katie DeWitt
Mr. & Mrs. Merle Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Garau
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Habig
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Holler

Ms. Carolyn Hindbaugh
Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Langeloh
Mr. and Mrs. Don Langeloh
Mr. Bryan Martin
Dr. John Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Meyer
Mr. Gavin Mohr

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Shipman
Mrs. Lori Starkey
Ms. Jana Reeg
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Rowe
Ms. Dawn Rubrake
Dr. & Mrs. James Staple
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Wright
Ms. Jane Zumbrun

Passages supporters (all other donations)

Mrs. Marsha Aalbregtse
Mr. & Mrs. David Abbott
Mrs. Jeanne Baughman
Mr. Jim Bayman
Mr. & Mrs. Don Berkshire
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bills
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Bloom
Mr. Lonnie Coffing
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Coonrod
Mr. Douglas Daniel
Ms. Kathleen Dawson
Mrs. Sue Devito
Ms. Kimberly Dodson
s. Scott Wise

Mrs. Ardean Ebert
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Elkins
Mr. Gregory Fahl
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fleck
Ms. LaNita French
Ms. Nancy Fries
Mrs. Linda Fulton
Mr. Edwardo Galvan
Ms. Carol Greulich
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Grossnickle
Mr. & Mrs. David Hawn
Mr. Michael Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. David Heinbaugh
Mr. Lynn Hindbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hoyt
Mrs. Cheryl Huffman
Mrs. Linda Hyndman

Mrs. Cathy Jantzen
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Johns
Mrs. Janet Johnson
Ms. Gisela Juillerat
Mrs. Diana Kramer
Ms. Betty Kunard
Mr. D. Robert LaPorta
Mr. John LeFever
Mad Ants Basketball
Mrs. Jackie Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Andy McClurg
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Meyer
Mr. Roger Metzger
Ms. Uta Mikovic
Mrs. Loretta Mottram
Mr. Edwin Righter
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Mullett

Mrs. Alice Nicodemus
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Roy
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Teets
Mr. David Waterman
Mrs. Melinda Woll
Ms. Carol Winebrenner
Ms. Carrie Waterson
Mrs. Mary Waterman
Mr. Denver Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wise

Thank You to All Passages Event Sponsors

Passages Art Auction & Banquet

Crowe, LLC
Parkview Hospital
Wings, Etc.
Steel Dynamics SDI
Micropulse, Inc.
Edward Jones, Tom Bartrom
Judge Mike Rush
STAR Financial
Bloom Gates Shipman & Whiteleather, LLC
Whitley County Consolidated Schools
Crossroads Bank
DeMoney Grimes Funeral Home
Community Foundation of Whitley County
Gene Reeg Motor Sales
Flow Tech Plumbing and Heating
Choices and Changes
Dewitt Marketing
MSKTD Jon Rowe

Passages #GiveMeaning 5K/10K

McDonald’s of Columbia City
Breyden Products
Big G’s Sports Cafe
ProFed Credit Union
Del Fuego/The Van Buren
Huntington University
Gibson Insurance
Lake City Bank
Parkview Whitley

Passages Spotlight Avenue

Ultra Electronics – USSI
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Meyer
Del Fuego/The Van Buren
Gibson Insurance
Lake City Bank
The City of Columbia City