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Individuals we serve

  • "I have been with Passages for 10 years now. I like the art program a lot. I am excited about the new greenhouse. I like when my staff take me to the water park, to the zoo, and help me grocery shop for things to make my dinner."

    Sam, woman served by Passages

  • "I like living in my house with my roommates and going to the CLC when we are able to so I can do my stitching. Even though I haven't gotten to see my other friends as much, I like talking to them through FaceTime sometimes. I also enjoy my staff. My friends and I are thankful for all of the people who give money to Passages."

    Ryan, man served by Passages

  • "My daughter has cerebral palsy. She has difficulty walking, she can’t feed herself, and she can’t really talk because she’s had two strokes. But she understands what everyone says. The Passages day program has done a wonderful job with her. She’s been going there since she graduated from Central Noble in 1997. The staff has worked with her on trying to help her feed herself, and they help her to draw pictures and make crafts. We think the world of Passages, and she loves it."

    Ann Windle


  • "McDonald's is proud to partner with Passages to bring events to our local community. The values and mission statement of Passages aligns with the Golden Arches rule of giving back to our community. The Golden Arches of McDonald's belongs at the center of our community to assist and be a partner of great organizations like Passages."

    Brian Hedrick, McDonald's

  • "When I am making investments in a business or charitable organization I look for the same things; a strong leadership team with vision, a good plan, efficiency, the ability to execute and deliver results and a mission that can change the world. Passages has the whole package. Passages is meeting a need in our society where there are many gaps and people falling through the cracks. Passages comes alongside their clients and families with programs and services to improve lives."

    Brian Emerick, Micropulse